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Your Path to Wellness

Aqeel Kameelah
Educator, Speaker, Author, Wellness Coach, Natural Health Practitioner, Life Designer

Aqeel KameelahLearn what thousands in South Florida have discovered about Aqeel Kameelah’s approach to wellness and health since 1986. See why her classes are the most sought after!

Aqeel’s personalized approach has helped individuals reawaken their creative energy, stimulate their body’s own self healing and cope with acute and long term illness in a natural and gentle way. No matter where you are, what your beliefs, or what your budget is, she provides you expert guidance, motivation and support to help you on your path to health and wellness.

Discover why Aqeel is one of the most well respected health-care practitioners in West Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade County. Call for a free consultation today.


Aqeel Kameelah will awaken your creative energy and sense of self-healing. Positive energy can improve the quality of your life. Learn more now.

  • Egyptian Reflexology.
  • Detox/Hydrotherapy Tutor.
  • Plant base Nutrition Coach.
  • Meditation
  • Healing Arts Teacher.

Classes & Excursions

Explore the organic lifestyle. Dine in a vegan restaurant, brunch at a live food buffet, shop at an organic market. Enjoy field trips to the spa. Prepare the newest raw food recipes.

Classes are held in the Tri-Counties at indoor and outdoor locations, determined upon bookings.

“ Wellness is a powerful concept found within us and propelled by our first awareness of imbalance.” What mediums will you use to create your body’s masterpiece? A therapeutic session with me will reawaken your creative energy and stimulate a sense of self healing.”
- Aqeel Kameelah
B.Sc, L.M.T., C.H., A.A. in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, A.A. in Culinary Arts,
Certified Live Food Chef, Reiki, Master Level, Reader of Akaschic Records
LMT: MA7415, Skin Care Specialist License FB9723108

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