Silent Healers: Silent Consumption

More important than we will ever know is the power of sharing a meal with one’s self. Yes, at least one meal per day, week or month consciously consumed is a silent healer. Keep in mind how complex our bodies are and the mechanism operating within on a parasympathetic level that we are still learning about.

Consciously eating allows our body to commune with the intelligence of our digestive system, speaking the language of our cells to produce the exact dose of enzymes needed to assist in completely breaking down our food source for proper nutrition.

What is silent consumption? Upon first hearing the words I balked at it too until I participated in a group dinner class where the art of silent consumption was explicitly taught. It was at the Ann Wigmore Health Institute in Puerto Rico.

We were given instructions to partake of our scrumptious plant-based fare in complete silence. Prior to that day eating and talking were just a part of my life. There were eleven of us going through a three-week seminar on the basics of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Silent Consumption is akin to anything we do in our lives that we deem important. We focus, reframe from chatter and give it our undivided attention.The way your body will react to this practice will astound you. Your body machine will not require the aid of digestive enzymes, you will take in less food, your energy will skyrocket, your sleep will be easy and your next morning bathroom time will have you raving…to yourself of course.

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