Restaurants are catering to the Vegetarians

When I was a kid I was not very fond of eating meat. My brothers would love it when I gave them my burger and was just as happy eating the bread and veggies. Mom always included sliced cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes on our sandwiches. My favorite was rye bread, garlic olive oil and thinly sliced garden fresh cucumber. I came from a large family and mom made every effort to accommodate all of our palates.
My lifestyle is more plant based than ever. I find my body responds wholelistically when my diet is completely animal free.

I currently live single and my friends are mostly carnivores. We eat out a lot. They label me weird and a trouble maker when it comes to ordering food in restaurants over the years. For things I consider very normal, examples, hold the bacon in my salad please, may I have olive oil in place of the butter and especially hold the cheese. Back in the day I would get total attitude not to mention the chief not wanting to alter the menu in any way.

All that’s changed now you can even request the chef not cook your veggies and enjoy them nice and raw!

The In restaurants are catering to everyone’s food choices now, including Raw, Vegan, all levels of Vegetarians and those who enjoy eating from the earth and sea.

Some of my favorite places to dine are

Miami Juice
18660 Collins Ave.
Sunny Isles Bch FL 33139
305 945 0444
For the last twenty years I have frequented this spot. Are you in the mood for an awesome green drink a smorgasbord of exotic fruit smoothies, the absolute best and freshest raw salads? This is the Place, a true restaurant, from the moment it opened till this day the quality is always suited for the royal palate! My favorite drink is the ginger pineapple shooter, some like it hot and it is very spicy. The salads choices make their menu the size of a small book! I’m partial to two of them that just happen to be named after the owner’s The Issac and then some years later he got married and now I like The Bonita too, try them you will thank me .Just a note there are two salads named after Issac one is classical and the other is more Greek styled finely chopped I love all three.

Athens Juice Bar
6942 Collins Ave.
Miami Bch. FL,
305 8612143
Back in the day this was the stop for total vegetarians the opening date was in 1942 I think that alone speaks for itself. Owners have changed a few times and the menu theme is the same. I like the papaya and carrot and they creatively use coconut milk in the juices yummy. Not a lot of space for eating in, most people use the take out menu that is always freshly made.

Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin
73 ne 167th Street
North Miami Bch, FL 33162
305 405 6346
I refer to this venue as my sole food hang out for the conscious it is 100% vegetarian, ethnic juice drinks like sugarcane, ginger and lemon, most of you are to young to remember, this is the precise concoction my grandmother used to administer when one of us had a scratchy throat or came down with a chill it still works too. When you are in the mood for innovative tofu and tempeh dishes dine here I like the prices too. Hakin’s is a cultural spot they offer educational entertainment, the best homemade tasting soups and delicious daily created plant base entrées. Great place to enjoy a healthy meal with the family. This Restaurant has been in its same location for more than 18 years.

Julio’s Natural Foods Emporium
1602 ne Miami Gardens Drive
Miami, FL
305 947 4744
The writing is on the wall literately, as you enter this restaurant in bold print the phrase “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” is painted on the wall. Julio’s has been open for more than 5 years although ownership has gone through a few hands the energy of maintaining a healthy selection remains the focus of attraction. I especially like the way they prepare a dish of quinoa it’s actually the creation of the original owner, Julio .They have a full choice menu for breakfast, lunch dinner and in-between meals. I like dinning out doors when the weather is comfortable they offer sidewalk service.

Traveling north, a husband and wife team offer up a unique Raw and Vegan fare. Fresh organic supremely scrumptious delights, like the mock spaghetti and non meat balls to a taco that will have your mouth going loco. I can not go there without ordering the caffeine free cappuccino made with hot almond milk totally delicious. A small café style setting, that serves as an organic farmers market on Mondays. You can buy the best produce, high quality wheat grass and sprouts and what ever tasty treats you from raw hummus to sweet tarts. I love the onion crackers and home made soups. I invite you to defiantly try an awesome meal at the
Green Wave Café
5221 West Broward Blvd.
Plantation, FL. 33317
954 581 8377

Fourth Generation Deli/Restaurant
75 SE 3rd Street
Boca Raton, FL, 33432
561 338 9920
The name has true meaning before this current generation the family was involved in marketing produce they may even have been farmers the now food market serves the best raw food dishes in their league. The smartest thing about this family is the clear insight when it comes to food the theme is organic and baby allow me to share with you how they co create the flavor of the word organic. The moment you enter just proceed to the rear of the store you will find three glass showcases the far left one is stocked with, orgasmic some raw and regular desert treats the middle case is filled with raw and vegan recipes that are mouth watering to the most devout steak eater, fare warning you may consider becoming a vegan, the third case is filled with organic grass feed land and sea food. My favorite drink is The Present Moment it is a juice blend of the days freshest organic greens a green apple and a spike of ginger root lip smacking nutrition my body loves it! The chef makes a Hemp butter that is as close to vegan heaven as one can be smooth and so good. I always order the Raw Wrap falafel or mock tuna. Roomy enough to do lunch.
You can order a fresh veggie juice or smoothie and do your shopping all in the same hour.

My next two mini reviews are on Hotel Restaurants that I frequent one because I’m wild about the ambiance and the other reason is someone had the insight to include healthy food choices on the menu, we all know this is an idea whose time is way over due.

Hotel Marriot at Hollywood Beach
2501 North Ocean Drive
Hollywood FL 33019
954 924 2202
I come here often to the outside part of the restaurant it rest on the beautiful and busy boardwalk on Hollywood Beach the view is to live for the smell of the salt water from the ocean the vibrant joggers, skaters, bicyclist and walkers of every type. The lovers strolling along chatting and holding hands the grandmother pushing proudly her grand baby in the latest, I call them Cadillac strollers you know the ones that come equipped with everything one could think to include on a baby buggy and then some I joke about seeing one powered by remote control any day now. The menu list a variety of healthy food choices I favor the Mediterranean dish hold the feta please. Try the mango slaw a big hit with most.

Pelican Grand Beach Resort
2000 N Ocean Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305
The first thing I love about this place is they have a wrap around veranda encompassing two great places to enjoy yourself a bar lounge and a roomy formal eating area your choice in or out doors fabulous. To put on the vegetarian Ritz they offer a flavorful veggie burger! I limit myself to once or twice a year for the sweet potato fries, shhhhh. All this comes with a full ocean view an aura of peace and calm as we sit in huge rocking chairs. The service is good too. May I encourage a weekend retreat for us locals?

Saving the best for last
Raw lunch and dinner buffet at the world known Wigmore Dinning Hall on the grounds of Hippocrates Health in Palm Beach.

Get ready for the ultimate in raw food cuisine created by the talented Chef Ken Blue. Enzyme rich sprouts. Sunflower, pea green and buckwheat sprouts to a variety of legume, nutrient dense delectable live treats. Creative vegan dishes, nut pates and healthy fermented cabbage. For an exotic treat every Saturday after dinner become a kid again smack your lips to a non dairy ice cream so scrumptious and very legal!

Interested in exploring a plant base lifestyle? To start begin order my introduction with quick and easy recipes in a convenient PDF by going to Contact me for private and group educational experiences with your wellness as the goal.

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