" Dear Aqeel, this Thank You is long overdue and I would like to let others know that your Talents and Gifts are Amazing Blessings.

Several years ago, I slipped on our boat which resulted in tremendous pain and difficulty in taking a breath. I knew I needed to find a Special Intuitive Healer who would be able to help me heal. Your reputation is so solid that the first person I asked gave me your flyer.

Within an hour, you were on the phone giving me a remote healing. Within ten minutes, my lungs were able to take deep breathes. Shortly after that my husband had pain in his hips from a war injury. You gave him a healing massage on our boat and he was able to move freely and the injury is no longer a memory.

Your method of teaching is extensive in such a vast array of areas. From arranging for guest speakers from Hawaii, to share the Huna Process of Ho’oponopono, to knowing where to purchase best quality grasses to use in health drinks, to intuitively knowing what method of healing both physically and spiritually an individual might need is a Gift You Give us.
With great appreciation "
– Trish

" Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with you, and - your work with me! You are consummate in creating a quality experience. The time we spent at the Turkish Baths on Miami Beach was absolutely amazing. Plus, I gained a great benefit from your massage. You met and exceeded my prior experiences with health care professionals. Thank you for your professionalism and true caring attitude." – Maya White

" I love your name. It has a wonderful vibration to it when you speak, read or hear it. Anyway, tanks so much for re-sending your book. You are a sweet, kind, loving , and keenly intelligent woman. your book is a treasure house of healthy recipes. I learned so much. What a treasure of quick and simple recipes. I had the super tonic this a.m and I loved it, especially how easy it was to make. The rooty tooty will be happening for lunch. Your approach resonates with me, in that they yield simply powerful health outrcomes that are doable on a daily basis. So many of the book recipes can overwhelm someone like myself who tries quickly to just get to the gestalt of everything." – Caroline Connelly

" Just a note to say thank you for always keeping my system in balance. You are a true professional and I am so grateful to have made your acquaintance. Over the years, I have had many hydrotherapy treatments. However I will travel to the ends of the world to be able to be under your therapy. The reason why I say this is because you are truly skilled at knowing the needs of the human system. The 4 family members that I have referred to you feel the same also. Thank you and we will continue to see you soon."
– Pauline J. Lawson