Energy Medicine Practitioner

Your mind and body are two of the most phenomenal instruments known to man.

My healing hands are skilled in the detection of the subtle energies emanating from your charkas, meridians and electromagnetic spectrum. Gifted with the bodywork tools of acupressure, shiatsu, myo facial techniques, neurolymphatic massage and intuitive touch.

The pivotal concept in Energy Medicine is Balance; this practice creates internal stability and harmony in your external environment. Rhythm is the lifeline of Energy Medicine. You will be taught exercises that will allow you to become more body aware and harness stress overload. You will experience a reduction in pain and discomfort and enjoy better rest and sleep time.


All our jaunts are educational and therapeutic. We offer Individual and group rates.

From a glorious spa day to spending a week away( at a number of locations we use), from the warm mineral springs in North Port Florida to the hamin baths, your trips will include a wealth of knowledge and personal instructions. These adventures will enhance your life. You will learn health techniques that you can use forever.

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