Silent Healers: Life is Breath 2 Breath

Inhaling and Exhaling are the two acts that to liveā€¦are truly One. Over my years of practice I rarely get a client that uses their lungs correctly unless of course they are pets, children, women who have gone through natural birth and singers.

Learning to use the full capacity of our lungs is a silent healer. Here is a simple habit to adopt that will assist you in creating a new relationship with your lungs. Imagine you are sitting or standing with your back straight, now, with your eyes closed take three deep breaths. On the second and third breaths notice what parts of your body move.

Do your shoulders rise and fall? Does your belly expand? Does your chest move up and down?

You are using your lungs most correct if when you inhale only your belly expands on the inhale and deflates on the exhale and more important your exhale is twice as long as your inhale.

Incorporate this technique and in one week you will be employing a silent healer. Take this correct way of breathing, one step further by inhaling and exhaling in complete silence!

Like it or not positive thinking is a silent healer. Research has proven that our body systems work together better when our minds are thinking positive thoughts. Pretend to Laugh hard and out loud! Now! Do It!

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