Silent Healers: There’s Wealth in Drinking Water.

Think and drink. No pond. Good practice to develop is every time you think take a sip of water. Promise, after just a few weeks of doing this you will notice very positive results at your bathroom time visits to deposit waste. Fluids and solids. This is a practice that will be of benefit to everyone. We all under estimate the power water. A drop of water can melt its way through metal, imagine how affective sipping water through out the day will clean away all the toxins in our body. I like adding a few drops of lemon in my water for a little kick.

Our bodies are more than 90% water and other fluids so hydration serves a vital function in our quest for wellness. Only pure water and fruits that are rich in water count. Be mindful of drinking prepared drinks most times they are pregnant with too much sugar and salt and would be best avoided. If you are a parent you know your little ones copy what you do and not what you say. What a great model you will make as you practice constantly sipping good clean water. Please check the label contents of the water you choose, very important that your water is sodium free. Drinking enough water can assist in proper digestion of foods. Advanced information about drinking while eating are coming up with findings that suggests one would obtain greater benefits, when avoiding partaking of liquids with food. You give it a try. I practice drinking a few hours after my meal because I find my body skips the sometimes bloating and discomfort that seems to occur after drinking when eating. Good health is worth more than diamonds and gold! Think and Drink

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