Healing with Sound in Fort Lauderdale

Imagine using crystal and brass bowls to create a healing blanket surrounding your soul. Robert Austin, a not so tall, almost stocky, chi-filled magic man, tending his more than twenty bowls, prepared to perform what he calls a Crystal and Tibetan Bowls Healing Sound Therapy. I watched him place the bowls of all sizes in strategic locations. It actually took me back to five or six years old, on a stage in a rehearsal, where my teacher was gentle placing both her hands on each child's shoulders, guiding them to the exact spot we were to be as the curtains raised. This is how attentive this guy was with each bowl he set in place.

The room for the session was not huge and people, 99% female, started to flow in. We were instructed to bring a blanket and a pillow to lie on the floor. This floor thing concerned me for a day or so, thinking about the germ world and then, I remembered my first experience some twenty years ago and how the vibration of the bowls traveled through whatever surface the bowls are on and that was more important.

Fifteen minutes later, we were all settled in our spaces on the floor and Robert spoke, introducing himself and his bowls. He explained our human connection to the mineral kingdom and how powerful a sound-healing session can be, in a private setting, as well as group. He begins the treatment by chanting in a deep, monk-sounding, silky-smooth tone and clang! He hit the first note with a mallet, designed especially for the bowls.
The sound vibrated through my body in a weird and welcoming manner. Before I realized what was happening, the room was softly bursting, with the most peaceful, continuously vibrating sounds. It was as if he was a human octopus playing, or that he was the Indian God, Shiv Shakti Mala that has six hands.

My mind left my body, like an intense meditation. I found myself floating above the earth in a warm pool of peace and calm. I no longer heard the sounds and it felt like one would sense being safe in the womb. Yes, I mean it, I was utterly at total peace; my conscious and sub-conscious were truly very good friends, strolling elbows-interlocked in the land of crystal healing tones.

There was a long moment of bold silence and then, I heard Robert asking our group if anyone felt any pain or discomfort. My body was still in float mode, as I attempted to mentally come back to the room. More than 90 minutes had drifted by. One person complained of a headache and one other said her lower back hurt. He came into the audience with a Tibetan bowl and a mallet and placed the bowl directly on the part of the body that was uneasy and within seconds the complainants shifted to "that's amazing"!

"All my pain has disappeared", they both exclaimed. That's called direct Sound Healing, he explained to the group. He then went to each of us and placed the bowl on the body part of our choosing. Wow! You have got to try this just once. I was astonished at the magnitude of Healing Medicine contained in those bowls!

Richard promised us a better night's sleep following this Sound Healing. I awoke the next morning saying promise well-kept, my good man. I truly felt a dominant sense of calm throughout the week. I want to do it again real soon.

I had this awesome, mind-calming experience at the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida, 1881 NE 26 Street, Suite 100 in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305. The contact number is 954-923-0066. Richard can also be contacted at www.crystalsoundhealing.com

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