Silent Healers: Skin Sloughing at the Sea Shore.

A build up of dead skin, corns, bunions and calluses on the hands and feet, impede the proper blood flow through out the body. Surprise! Many of us know the importance of regular maintenance by selecting a good manicure/pedicurist. My rule is once a week a manicure and twice a month a pedicure and my nail tech never cuts my cuticle. I push my cuticle back every time I shower both my fingernails and toes.

I remember my mother taking the family to the sea shore every new moon and instructing us on using the friction of a hand full of wet sand on our hands and feet until the skin was silky smooth. I still enjoy this weird practice. My girl friends and I often meet at the shore and enjoy fun filled chats while sloughing our extremities with the healing sands from the ocean. Yes, you got it, I use the wet sand on my elbows and knees too. As a kid I found it boring my brothers and I would rush through the process so we could be free to enjoy the beach. When I got into my teens I find myself spending more time with my skin sloughing ritual as I began to admire the results of shiny smooth skin .I read somewhere that in some ancient lands it is a practice performed at the end of a young woman’s moon time and defiantly prior to her wedding. All our nerve endings are located in the hands and feet so it is a good thing to do for both genders. You can make it romantic by including it as part of your activities on a date. I like having my partner slough my feet as I lay back and meditate on the clouds mmmm, real nice.

My absolute favorite is to lightly slough my shoulders and back we perform the sloughing on each other makes for a healthy interaction, try you will get involved it is both stimulating and healthy. It’s also very beneficial for family members that are constantly doing things that cause the hard skin build up from repetitive sports activity, gardening, working, you name it.

This is wonderful Never use pressure when you sand slough and be extremely mindful of clearing the sand before using it to make sure it is free of glass and other harmful particles like broken shells and other sharp objects.

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